About Andrea

Andrea Daley has been working in the restoration field for over 45 years restoring object art, furniture, and architectural interiors.

Presently Andrea has created an art and restoration training center called Restoration Training Inc. Troy, NY.  The training center will teach all aspects of restoration: architectural, ceramics, furniture, floors, faux finishing, historic entranceways, marble, stone and tile, frescos, murals, oil paintings and antique frames.

Over the years she has worked on items of extreme high value, while working in Palm Beach, Fl. She has been commissioned to restore murals nation wide, hosted a number of workshops in several of the states, and Canada, performed commercial jobs for 5 star hotels and has worked on the interiors and exterior of churches with her gilding and refinishing techniques.

Andrea is always ready to take on challenges that the average restorer would avoid.    She is a consultant to other repair firms, an author and a teacher and has hosted numerous restoration conventions. In 2000, she organized a Foreign Study trip for over 50 restorers to England – what an adventure!

Background of Inspiration

The above is the accomplishments and the following is the background and what had inspired Andrea to achieve the status as an accomplished restorer.

Her passion for creativity started as a child, where once out of the classroom, she was free to play, dream, and create so many things that childhood allows one to do. In her early adult life, being a stay-at-home mom, she started taking short courses to enhance her artistic skills.  Her mother, who operated a ceramic studio, greatly influenced how she developed her talents.  Her mother taught her china painting, and how to fire ceramics and melt glass, while also creating the entranceway into porcelain restoration. Andrea has taken classes on airbrushing; welding; faux finishing; and oil painting and paper/print restoration…..all while gathering any information she could to support, at that time, her porcelain restoration work. She worked from home.

One thing led to another and soon Andrea was repairing furniture and being of service to everyone in the moving industry.  In the 1980’s, she owned and operated a company called Restorers of America Inc. Along with her 5 employees the company was the authorized repair firm for just about every moving and furniture business in New York’s Capital District, Albany area.  Through her desire to make invisible repairs on just about any object or surface, Andrea aspired to conquer, just about any challenge that came her way.  Then, for over 10 years she provided these services to Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, Florida area, catering to the high-end art and antique galleries.   After moving to Troy’s Little Italy’s neighborhood in 2006, she fell-in-love with Troy and has actively taken on aspects of its rich architectural restoration.  She says, “It’s been so rewarding!”

As of 2012, she created a training center, known as “Restoration Training Inc.” She states:  “I know the problems that all artists face, when starting something new – the “nay sayers”; the “buts,” the “that can’t work”, the “why not do it this way”, the “get a real job” and the list goes on. I know the stories we tell ourselves and I know the stopping points!  I also know that I can inspire others, generate possibilities, and teach what I know, so other businesses can thrive and be profitable too.”

Andrea has a strong commitment to the “Do It Yourselfers” of the world.  She will bring forth the best techniques, supplies, methods and teachers for anyone who is interested in any aspect of restoration whether it is to refinish a chair, glue a piece of broken pottery or to have any aspect of restoration become a full time career.

A portion of the training Center, when it is fully established will be a school for those with special needs and learning disabilities. Many people who carry this label have such great artistic talent to offer the world. The Restoration Training school will provide a path for these individuals to become profitable while being productive, satisfied, and profitable, for themselves through expressing and sharing their talents.   This is an area that she is very passionate about.

This is where the training starts! The Restoration Training Center is in the business of teaching the restoration business!