Architectural Restoration

Doors of Troy

Make the First Impression!


Along with all the unique buildings, that still stand in the architecturally claimed city of Troy, NY, come some of the most unusual doors. They were inspired by some of the most genius architects of the past; from Federal style through the Greek revival period on into the Victorian era. Unless attention and care is given, many will be lost; many have already been lost to neglect and decay.

Doors are the main entrance way to many of the magnificent homes and businesses in the Troy area.  Take a ride along the downtown streets, up Spring Street, Hoosick Street, and   into the distinguishing neighborhoods that surround the city and you will see an array of unusual, attractively designed doors; many in need of attention! Then venture off to your local building supply company; it will quickly be evident of the value that now hangs in the many entrance ways. In some cases, a facsimile would cost in the thousand of dollars to duplicate. New doors, along with their entrance ways, can get quite costly, and they will never have the charm or the patina along with the history of the ones that are still standing. A little tender loving care and the ambiance can be brought back to create a charming entrance at a fraction of the cost to replace; many are being neglected!

When doors are uncared for, the decaying process begins; once dry rot has encroached into the wood, then replacement is the only option.  In most cases, an expensive door hangs in its place; these doors are hollow and made of plastic.

Due to the extreme exposure to the elements, doors need attention every 5 to 6 years so that they are preserved and always looking their best. Heat expands the wood and sunlight saps out the color. Wood is made up of fibers, think of these fibers as little short straws; they expand and move. Due to its movement, little cracks result. If not tended to, moisture will work its way into these cracks and eventually under the finish, whether, paints or varnish and the decaying processes begin. First the exposed sections of the wood darken, and then if moisture continues, the dry rot will erode away the fibers until the wood crumbles.

Let’s not have Troy’s history vanish! Take a good look, inspect the door along the joints, the windows, (if there are windows), are their any gaps in any of the moldings, around the handles, does the door fit tight, does the weather stripping need to be replaced? Are there any loose parts to the finish; has any of the wood darken? When was the last time it had a new coat of varnish or paint?  If a total recondition of strip and refinish can not be done then at least give it a coat of Varnish or paint. This will protect it from decaying any further until the time and cost can be allotted to fully restore the door. The history of your door makes your home special! A little maintenance care will make all the difference! It will save you money in the long run and increase the value as well as the appearance. First impressions count, and a door way is the first impression. Protect your investment and take pride in the “first impression” that each and every entryway makes!

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