How to Adhere Porcelain, Pottery or Ceramic

This class will step the student through the process of adhering any type of porcelain, pottery or ceramic so that the line crack will be almost unnoticeable. In some cases it will be totally invisible.  The student is encouraged to bring multiple items that have been broken into two or more parts.  The student will learn how to prepare an item for adhering and what the choices are for the best adhesive.  If an item is properly glued then further becomes less costly.  When an item has to be taken apart and re-glued, the cost sometimes triples, due to the amount of time to make an invisible repair.

Students are encouraged to bring in broken items for review.  Cannot guarantee that they will be worked on, but the student will be advised on the best method of restoration.  Practice items will be supplied.

Duration:                   6:30 to 9:30 pm     One evening – 3 hours

Prerequisite:            None

Supplies:                   $10.00

Cost:                           $65.00 per student

Class size:                 6

Discounts:                 Bring a friend and receive a 10% discount on your course

Register 30 days in advance and receive an additional 10% discount

Course #:                   201